LCM Career/Life Coaching Services
Standard Coaching Package

Sessions held via Zoom
Effective July, 2020

Cost: $699
8 Session Package (1 free) for Clinical and Non Clinical Professionals (Customized packages available based upon need)

Payment plan options available, please contact for details.
Session 1 *Free 30 minute session

  • Discovery call – meet and greet, talk about goals and objectives -are we a fit for each other

Session 2

  • More detailed discussion on career goals and objectives (dream job), quick resume review with feedback or work on redoing, if needed
  • Develop a target list, develop and/or update LinkedIn Page (if not done already) Let’s start networking
  • Discuss transferrable skills, career/positions that interest you

Session 3

  • Explore job possibilities based upon current skills level, discuss accomplishments
  • More resume discussion get a first draft ready to discuss/critique
  • Discuss cover letter preparation explore examples must be based upon job choices
  • Discuss in more detail target companies/organizations you are interested in

Session 4

  • Finalize resume
  • Discuss in detail networking tips, ie. Events, friends, colleagues who can assist you in your search other than Career Coach
  • Create a marketing/elevator pitch

Session 5

  • Start reviewing positions online/sign up for job alerts
  • Interview skills- preparation and practice
  • Review sample questions for interviewer and interviewee
  • Discussion how to have a successful phone interview
  • Informational interviews discussions

Session 6

  • Aggressive job search discussion
  • Follow up with potential employers
  • Resume and Cover letter tailor to specific positions
  • LinkedIn Page review and update
  • Aggressive networking, potential introductions by Career Coach

Session 7

  • Salary Negotiations discussions – research salaries based on career choice
  • Updates on jobs applied to, interviews scheduled, contacts made
  • Practice interviews

Session 8

  • Where do we go from here?
  • How ready are you?
  • Any job interviews/offers?
  • What is working, what isn’t working?
  • Do you need more support from Career Coach?


Standard Coaching Package

Job Search Checklist

Job Search Checklist.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [167.6 KB]
LCM Career Coaching does not guarantee employment, but offers the tools to help you get there.
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