"I've worked with Leona at a major teaching hospital in Boston as an HR assistant,  where she mentored me while I was transitioning to an HR generalist role.


I learned a lot about nurse recruiting, and how to deal with difficult situations. She taught me about the different nursing roles, what hiring managers are looking for in a new hire, and what experience is required for different nursing specialties.


She’s very knowledgeable in the nursing field with years of experience as a nurse recruiter. She’s very attentive, always available, and willing to share her knowledge.  She made my transition from a HR assistant to an HR generalist very smooth."


Siriwipa B.


"Working with Leona Martin has been filled with encouragement, positivity, and collaboration. As soon as we spoke, it was extremely evident that she would change my life. At the time, I was a newly graduated registered nurse trying to find a job in the field where everywhere I looked, in big bold lettering read: “position requires at least 1-2 years experience.” “Leona is a great coach. She understands that what she is teaching goes far beyond that of the hiring process. Due to this, she teaches presentation, style, technique and strategy to keep you in the game, fit for hiring and prepares you for the real competition in your job search. I was really unprepared for behavioral based interviewing.  The whole process was new to me. With her help, I was able to navigate the interview process with ease and confidence and I am prepared for any and all questions. My only regret is, I wish I had found Leona earlier in my job search."


Joel C.


"I put out over 80 applications with what I thought was a perfect resume. After Leona revised my resume, I made the necessary (and multiple) changes and continued the application process to many other jobs. Every week we would share emails and phone calls to discuss various openings and Leona would encourage me to not be frustrated. When I received a call to set up an interview for a company that is a nationally ranked rehabilitation hospital, my first thought was to share this with Leona. This was our success and journey. Knowing I had somebody who was just as motivated and positive as me made my job search much less stressful. The constant support I have received from Leona made me realize I was not alone. I am forever grateful for the support and assistance from her."


Lindsay M.


"I was offered the position that I interviewed for!  I have been cleared and given a start date for mid November!! My patience and your help definitely helped me in this process. Thank you so much for your support and advice. It's truly has made a difference throughout this whole process."


Nasha C.


"I learned a great deal from you and think our sessions were very beneficial to me and will continue to be as I go on in my career. I thank you for the excellent job that you do. Thank you for your kind words. I will definitely be in touch as time goes on.

I thank you again!"


Weedline C.


"I am writing to both endorse and recommend LCM as a provider of career coaching to anyone who is looking to transition. The best measure of success, for me is, the fact that Leona taught me how to leverage my volunteer experience
in order to pursue a career change.  With Leona's career coaching, I moved from a career in Human Resources into a Marketing role with ease."


Vanessa L.

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